Appellate Practice & Amicus Curiae

  • Appellate Litigation
  • Amicus Curiae Practice

A successful appeal can turn on having representation by attorneys who have the experience and knowledge to understand and implement the important differences between trial level work and appellate level work. Our attorneys have extensive experience in a wide range of appeals in federal and state courts, before both high courts such as the Supreme Court of the United States, the Supreme Court of New Jersey, the New York Court of Appeals, and the Supreme Court of New Hampshire and intermediate appellate courts such as the United States Courts of Appeals and appellate courts in New Jersey and New York.

Our appellate litigators have substantial experience representing clients both as parties to appeals and as amici curiae (friends of the court), both on the merits and in connection with petitions for certiorari and other applications for high court review.

Services provided by our appellate attorneys include:

  • Seeking and opposing certiorari and other forms of review by high courts such as the Supreme Court of the United States.
  • Briefing and arguing appeals in federal and state appellate courts.
  • Preparing and filing amicus curiae briefs in federal and state courts.
  • Assisting in the preparation of other attorneys in advancing their appeals.

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