Commercial & Residential Real Estate

The firm’s Real Estate Practice handles a wide range of real estate matters, and represents a diverse group of clients, including commercial and residential buyers and sellers, developers involved in real estate ventures, lenders and borrowers, lessors and lessees, and parties involved in zoning and land use matters.

In conjunction with these transactions, our firm handles environmental law and compliance matters related to purchase and sale transactions, in addition to day-to-day issues involving the use, storage, and disposal of hazardous substances.

Services provided by our attorneys include:

  • Representing and advising buyers, sellers, business, banking institutions, and real estate trusts in all aspects of real property transactions.
  • Preparing and reviewing residential and commercial leases.
  • Preparing and reviewing commercial loan documents, contracts of sale, deeds, affidavits of title, easements, title reviews, and closings.
  • Advising rental management companies in preventive law and representing clients in landlord-tenant disputes, including evictions, property damage and security deposit issues.
  • Litigation and mediation of disputes involving buyers, sellers, builders, realtors, condominium and community associations, title companies and landlords involved in disputes relating to contractual issues, Planned Unit Development disclosure laws, Federal and State matters involving fair housing, disability and other protected class issues and the New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act.

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