Municipal Land Use, Planning & Zoning

  • Subdivision, Site Plan, & Zoning
  • Redevelopment & Condemnation
  • Land Use Litigation

Our firm’s Municipal Land Use, Planning and Zoning Practice represents individual and corporate applicants and objectors before municipal planning and zoning boards, and county, state and federal agencies in connection with a variety of variance and zoning applications, major and minor subdivisions, and site plan and use change approvals.

Our attorneys have developed close professional relationships with local architects, engineers and planners, and are experienced in assembling a team of licensed professionals to design, plan and submit the requisite applications and engage in the necessary hearings to obtain approvals for a client’s project.

Services provided by our attorneys include:

  • Obtaining and challenging local zoning and variance applications.
  • Advising and representing clients on major and minor subdivision, site plan and use change approvals.
  • Representing clients in regulatory condemnation and redevelopment law matters.
  • Handling zoning and planning matters involving Federal and State Historic Districts and National Landmarks.
  • Litigation and appeals related to planning and zoning board decisions.

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